parker shop
project from the beginning of 2011
This project is over 3 years old now!
“Parker Shop online” and “Waterman Shop” are one of the most interesting cases I had in the last couple of years. Almost exactly three years ago a client came to thoke, asking to have two stores with a choice of fountain pens designed. It appeared from conversations and the brief that the client is looking for something new, simple and above-average. On the other hand, I had an idea for a “perfect store”. I suggested that I will design such an unusual store and was met with big enthusiasm.

During designing I used my entire knowledge, experience and all available usability research. I also had a feeling that flat design will soon become standard and wanted the project to stand the test of time. This is how the design of the “Parker” store came about, along with the description of functioning and the explanation of the introduced innovations.

Client’s reaction was, mildly speaking, chilly. The design was completely rejected and links to solutions remembering the times of Internet Explorer 3 were shown. Then, Junior Designer created projects which took the client’s fancy a lot more and after making minor changes both stores were implemented. The design can be viewed at the thoke profile:

The design was put in a box. I haven’t shown it to any client for 3 years. I also haven’t allowed myself to create “ideal” solutions for any other clients, focusing on listening to needs and possibly smuggling in minor innovations.
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